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Scandals Can Be Managed But Not Silently
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iPad or MacBook Pro
Starlink Is An Ocean Of Gold
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Crushing a Patent Troll
Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Ruled Unconstitutional
That Part Which Laws or Kings Can Cause or Cure
UPS Delivers Prescription Medications By Drone
Amazon Turns Off Its Final Oracle Database
Twitter Bans Political Advertising
How To Maintain Control Of Your Company
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WeWork Close To Insolvent
The Two Hour Marathon
Red Meat Is Not Unhealthy
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Project Possible: Summit All Fourteen 8,000m Peaks in Seven Months
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The Rainbow Logo
Thoughtful, Courteous Debate on Challenging Issues
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American Patients and Surgeons in Cancun
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Reasonable Expectation of Electronic Privacy
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First Pictures of a Black Hole
AirPower's Problem Was Not Physics
Two Solo, Unaided Antarctica Crossings
André Previn
Facebook vs Apple
The 1959 Project


Zuckerberg Lie Files
Interview with Donald Knuth
Mass Expiration of Copyright
That's My Boy, Lin
Ion Drive Airplane
Saturation Divers
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The Soccer Ball That Went to Space, Twice
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Self Checkout Doesn't Have To Be Horrible
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John Bolton Is A Terrible Fit For His New Job
Drivel from Windbags
I Deleted My Facebook Account
Apple is Not Getting In To Healthcare


It's a Trap
It’s Always the Media’s Fault
The Birth of a New Nation
Misguided Priorities
Did Trump Jr. Break the Law?
The Paris Climate Accord and Impeachment
Presidential Obstruction of Justice
The Spine and Sinew of the Nation
Amazon and Netflix vs Movie Studios
Game, set, match, McConnell
Who Is A Sportswoman
Eric Holder won't change anything at Uber
The beginning of the end of Obamacare


Vera Rubin and Dark Matter
Predatory Drug Pricing, Courtesy of Congress
Winners, losers, and observations
Smartphone Winners
Scandal Poker
Politics is Pro Wrestling
TouchBar and the T1
Best idea from the VA in a long time
Alexander Hamilton vs Donald Trump


On settled science
The Syrian War is now in full swing
A Harmless Cipher
Mobile apps are (probably) bigger than Hollywood
Ambiguous Grammar
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To Taylor re Apple
More Efficient Than Breathing
Amazon Web Services is a great business
Sending a clear message


Great speech recognition is almost here...again
When is torture OK?
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Amazon v. Hachette
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There Will Be Costs
California Ballot Measure to Raise Healthcare Costs
Wisconsin's finances, 3 years later
The Death of Obama's "Noble Lie"
What's killing our kids?
Not a Single Instance
A temporary flash of sanity


We Three Kings
A Letter To My Congressman


Check your tax rate
Google donates millions of core hours to science
Landfill Harmonic
The Real Thing
X132 Hellcat Combat
The 7 year walk of 22,000 miles
Random Shopper
Microsoft has failed
Now is a great time to build software
Amazing Time Lapse Video of Kuala Lumpur
They Cracked This 250-year-old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside
Making Cents
Touch sensitive plastic skin heals itself


Exploring public datasets
Give a little credit
What does it take to hack AES?
jactiveresource 0.4 released
Speedclimbing the Eiger
Finding the Outliers
Smart Phone Marketshare
Weak Tea Indeed
William Playfair Would Be Disappointed


Adobe AIR on amd64 or ia64 Ubuntu/Kubuntu


Merry Christmas
Zenoss Plugins now support OpenBSD
Installing Bespin on Kubuntu 8.10
The Best Keyboard Ever
jactiveresource launched
The Rockfish
The perfect template engine


Base Jumping Into a Cave
Installing Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) on an ThinkPad X61 Tablet
DHCP Failover on OpenBSD
Running xntpd on my OpenBSD firewall cluster
OpenBSD Firewall Cluster
Pre Google Maps Maps


Locales in Ubuntu/Debian for Universe
Pandemonium in Piscataway
Tomcat, Apache mod_jk and mod_rewrite
Long Live the 486