Pandemonium in Piscataway

Imagine your life as a radio play by play guy in a small college town where the football team is 1-12. You love football, and you love your school, but hardly anyone listens to your broadcasts. You don't care, you love your job.

Tonight your team is 8-0, and ranked 15th in the country, and plays the 3rd ranked team. This is the biggest football game in the 137 years football has been played at your school. You are trying to figure out what you say if your Scarlet Knights win. You know lots and lots of people will be listening.

Sure enough, Rutgers beats Louisville in an instant classic, winning 28-25 on a field goal with 13 seconds left on the clock.

You say, "There's pandemonium in Piscataway!".


This is why I love college sports.