The Rainbow Logo

The tech podcasts have been a flutter about the potential return of the classic six color Apple logo. The five color apple on the invitation to this week's iPhone event has fanned the flames of speculation. Liss, Arment, and Siracusa over at ATP said they would love to see it. John Gruber and Brent Simmons said it would be nice to have some color back in Jony Ive's white world.

I don't know what we'll see tomorrow in the big iPhone event, but I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing the return of the rainbow. When Apple last used this logo, the rainbow evoked the mostly easy-going rebellion and free love of the 60's. In one of the great branding successes of the last decade, the rainbow is widely associated with the LGBTQ community. Many of us would be pleased to show our support for the cause on the back of our electronic devices. However, there are many people who would choose not to buy an Apple product with a rainbow because they are not comfortable publicly promoting non-heterosexual relationships.

If Apple ever brings back the rainbow logo, I think it would be as an additional, optional SKU like the Product Red iPhone XR.