jactiveresource launched

ActiveResource is one of the cooler parts of Ruby on Rails. It uses the dynamic goodness of ruby to consume RESTful resources without having to hardly write any code. How about this for a stupid-easy class:

class Person < ActiveResource::Base
site = http://api.example.com

Three lines of code makes a proxy class for a remote service, ActiveResource dynamically figures everything else out.
I needed some Java code that could consume RESTful resources in a Rails application. I looked around to see if I could find any code that would do this for me. I found Restlet, which looks like a pretty good server side framework for writing and publishing restful services, but I need the client side of that. So I decided to start a new project called jactiveresource, which is a port of ActiveResource to java. Because java is statically typed it won't be quite as easy as it is in ruby, but I think we can get close. This weekend I stood up a site to host it, and got the first bits of code working. Stay tuned....