André Previn

Today we mourn the passing of André Previn, one of the great musicians of the last century. An incredibly versatile musician, he regularly was both soloist and conductor for a piano concerto, led four major symphony orchestras including 11 years with the London Symphony Orchestra, won four Oscars (he was nominated for three different films in 1961, the only person to ever receive three nominations in the same year), played to sold out jazz clubs, and wrote the music for several broadway productions. He was also cool enough to get Mia Farrow to leave Frank Sinatra and marry him.

Dizzy Gillespie said of Previn, "He has the flow, which a lot of guys don’t have and won’t ever get." When he recorded his 1996 release "Ballads: Solo Jazz Standards", he showed up at the studio with a stack of sheet music and nothing planned. He later recalled, "Every track was take one. If I couldn’t think of anything, I just went on to another song.”

He personified Duke Ellington's words "Categories don't matter and the first thing to be said about music is that if it sounds good, it is good."

Your goodness will be missed.