Everyone Is Selling Data

SalesForce Chairman and CEO Mark Benioff:

...in Europe your data belongs to you, but in the United States, your data belongs to all these companies that are collecting it, and they can do with it basically whatever they want.

He makes it sound like "all these companies" are slimeballs like Uber and Facebook, who he calls out by name.

SalesForce is one of those companies. They purchased Jigsaw, which crowdsources contact info, i.e. gets people to upload their acquaintances contact information, and then resells it. Now branded as Data.com, they still have the same fundamental business model. Their privacy policy states:

....the Company may supplement the Data.com Directory with publicly available information or with information from trusted data providers who are legally authorized to provide such information

SalesForce does the same thing as Facebook: take the data they collect from their users, supplement and enhance it with data they buy, and "do with it basically whatever they want." At least Facebook can justify their position by not requiring their users to pay. SalesForce gets their users coming and going. They charge north of a thousand bucks per user per year, and still sell their users data.