Software Scraps

Here’s some smallish scraps of code that I’ve written or contributed to that might be helpful for somebody.


Bunch.tmbundle is a TextMate bundle for Bunch.app on macOS.

Visual Studio Code Extension for Bunch

I’ve also written a Visual Studio Code Extension for Bunch. Lucky for me, it can use the same syntax grammer as the TextMate bundle.


tomcat-manager is a command line tool written in python that lets you interact with Apache Tomcat and perform similar functions to what’s available in the web based administration tools that come with tomcat.


cmd2 is a mostly compatible replacement for the cmd REPL in the standard library.


hail lets you send html formatted emails from the command line. It’s written in python and it works like the old BSD mail.


chogm changes ownership, group and mode of files and directories with a single command.


Document and describe macOS keyboard shortcuts in a standardized and properly formatted way using the commend line tool ksc.