Project Possible: Summit All Fourteen 8,000m Peaks in Seven Months

In May, Nirmal Purja took a picture showing the traffic jam of climbers at the summit of Mount Everest. His photo was widely publicized and it caused the Nepalese government to change their permitting requirements to reduce the number of climbers per season.

Nirmal, who goes by Nims, started Project Possible. He wants to summit all 14 peaks higher than 8000m. The current world record for this feat is 8 years. Nims wants to do it in 7 months. He has already completed the first two phases, which included 11 of the 14 peaks. Today, Nims summited Cho Oyu, leaving two remaining mountains.

Along the way, Nims and his team of Nepali climbers set 6 new world records. If they were from California or Austria, they would be as famous as Alex Honnold. I was therefore very pleased to see this interview with Nims in the New York Times.