No Customer Data

I’ve been a happy Mullvad VPN user for a long time. They don’t have the cheapest VPN service, but they also don’t do any slimey paid sponsoring of VPN review sites. The performance has always been top notch; I’ve never had stuttering or lag while streaming video up or down.

But most importantly, their privacy policy and associated operational procedures state that they don’t store user data. They don’t even have your email address, they issue you a random number for your user id.

When a squad of police officers showed up at Mullvad’s offices with a search warrant, they left empty handed, because there was nothing for them to sieze:

We argued they had no reason to expect to find what they were looking for and any seizure would therefore be illegal under Swedish law. After demonstrating that this is indeed how our service works and them consulting the prosecutor they left without taking anything and without any customer information.

If they had taken something that would not have given them access to any customer information.

Privacy is important to me. Mullvad just proved they follow their privacy policy and don’t store any customer data.