The Syrian War is now in full swing

Today President Obama announced that he is sending Special Operations forces to Syria. What started out as a proxy war masked as a civil war has evolved to a planes in the air and boots on the ground shooting war with the United States and the Saudi's on one side, and the Iranians and the Russians on the other.

The Russians have deployed 34 aircraft in Syria, and have also launched missiles at Syrian targets from vessels in the Caspian Sea.

The US has also sent the USS Essex Amphibious Ready Group to the Persian Gulf; the group should arrive next week. This quick reaction force has approximately 4,500 sailors and marines, and includes 4 M1A1 battle tanks, 6 155mm howitzers, 25 helicopters, 6 Harrier jets, and 60 Humvees. Just in case.

The facade that all of these parties are fighting ISIS is quickly crumbling.