New Site, No Trackers

For the last 10 years this site has run on WordPress. I started out pretty happy with WordPress. But it’s not slim and it has way more stuff than I really need. You have to add JetPack in order to write in Markdown. I didn’t like it when they replaced the traditional editor with the new Gutenberg block editor. I tried to like it but it broke writing in Markdown, and while I’m sure it’s great for most people, I found it atrocious to use.

Over the last few days, I’ve rebuilt this site. It no longer uses a self-hosted WordPress instance; instead it’s static html created by jekyll. Everything is in a git repository, which builds and deploys the site when I push to the master branch.

I’ll miss using MarsEdit, a fantastic Mac app which I used frequently to post here. I’ll need to build new Shortcuts on my iPad to post using Working Copy.

It’s worth it because everything these pages load is now hosted on this domain. Google Analytics, jQuery, JetPack, and a bunch of other cruft are all gone. There are no trackers and no third party scripts. I would say there is no javascript but I need it to do infinite scroll. That isn’t built yet but it’s coming.

And it’s fast. Page Speed = 100.