If you use Apache Tomcat for any sort of development work you’ve probably deployed lots of applications to it. There are a bunch of ways to get your war files there, you can use the manager application in your browser, or you can use Cargo and its plugins for ant and maven. I wanted a way to do it from the command line. So I wrote a nice python script called tomcat-manager.


It’s in the script if you want to read it; it’s the MIT License, which means you can do whatever you want, as long as you keep the copyright notice.

Download and Install

Download and save it on your computer somewhere. I use Linux, so I put it in ~/bin and rename it to tomcat-manager. If you are on Windows, rename it to and put it in your path somewhere. See for more details.


This script can either be used in command line mode or interactive mode. To use interactive mode you can do:

$ tomcat-manager
tomcat-manager> connect http://localhost:8080/manager admin newenglandclamchowder
tomcat-manager> list
Path                           Status  Sessions
------------------------------ ------- --------
/manager                       running 114     
/                              running 0       
/host-manager                  running 0
tomcat-manager> exit

Command line mode might look like:

$ tomcat-manager --user=admin --password=newenglandclamchowder http://localhost:8080/manager list
Path                           Status  Sessions
------------------------------ ------- --------
/manager                       running 117     
/                              running 0       
/host-manager                  running 0

More Info

To see all of the valid commands, you can use interactive mode, like this:


Documented commands (type help ):
EOF      deploy  help  quit    serverinfo  start  undeploy
connect  exit    list  reload  sessions    stop 

Miscellaneous help topics:
license  commandline